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Summer Popsicle Gift Tin

Summer Popsicle Gift Tin

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NEW! New! Summertime snackin'! Whether you're headed to the beach, pool, mountains, or anywhere between, this cheerful reusable gift tin is loaded with Virginia Peanuts to keep you energized for all your adventures. Comes with (18) 2 oz. bags of Salted Virginia Peanuts.

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Life Saving
Jul 13, 2019  |  By Elizabeth Blake Downey
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It seems that I needed to start keeping some form of protein in my car. It never seems to fail that I went too long past the "point of no return" when I needed to eat NOW. I will try to keep this brief. Unfortunately my cancer returned approx.4 wks. It seems with its return, I'm also learning some new lessons, e.g., my body needing protein every 2-3 hours. As I'm working with a nutritionist, I started keeping several of VA Diner's 2 0z., salted peanuts in my car. Those glorious little bags have saved me 3 times within this past month though I had eaten a healthy meal only a few hours before. As I have shared my story; I'm hearing similar reaction. So, I'm sending my listener(s) onto to VA Diner to purchase their own life saving Summer Popsicle Pail!