(Wakefield, VA March 13 2020)

Virginia Diner is more than a business. We are a community of family, friends, co-workers and guests which includes you. Many individuals, towns, cities, organizations, businesses and industries have been affected by the Coronavirus. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is affected.

As we closely monitor developments related to Coronavirus, we want to assure you that your health and safety remain top priorities to us here at the Diner. We have increased our sanitation and safety measures within the restaurant (Diner), production, distribution and office in response to current events. We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC, the WHO and state authorities to ensure we are vigilant and adhere to their recommendations.

As an SQF audited facility, our Safe Quality Food program ensures the safety of our patrons. The Diner remains open under the guidance of the Virginia Department of Health. Our already robust health and sanitation procedures are in place, but our vigilance is even more on point with the concerns felt by everyone.

We continue to operate at full capacity and schedule. We do not currently anticipate any changes to our operations and will be in touch with any relevant updates as we continue to closely monitor the situation. Our vision continues to be to welcome each guest with only the finest in food, products and hospitality.

We appreciate you, and wish you, your family, and our community good health.

Andrew M. Whisler

Press Release

(Wakefield, Virginia December 2013)

The Virginia Diner announces the addition of the Virginia Diner Salted and Unsalted Virginia Peanuts to the American Heart Association's® Heart-Check Food Certification Program for their nutritional value. Not only do they taste great, as determined by the Virginia's Finest® Trademark Program, managed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, but they can also be part of a heart-healthy diet.

The Heart-Check Mark on the front of the can makes it easy to spot a heart-healthy food. When shopping for yourself or when giving a gift, look for the American Heart Association's® familiar Heart-Check mark on the package of Virginia Diner famous peanuts.

The Virginia Diner is also a proud member of the Virginia Specialty Food Association and an active member of the Virginia's Finest® Trademark Program. Virginia's Finest® highlights top quality Virginia-produced and processed products. Only Virginia products that meet or exceed quality standards are part of Virginia's Finest.

For additional information about the American Heart Association's® Heart-Check Food Certification Program or the Virginia's Finest® Trademark Program, visit their respective websites at: or

Press Contact:
Jeff Armbruster
Virginia Diner, Inc.