What are Virginia Peanuts?

While we here at Virginia Diner love our peanuts and feel proud and protective of them as though they were our very own namesake, Virginia peanuts have a long history that predates even our legendary beginnings.

Types of Peanuts

There are four types of peanuts that are grown in the U.S.:
  • Runner peanuts - Runner peanuts are prized for their size uniformity, making them the perfect candidates for roasting to use in products such as peanut butter. They're the most commonly grown peanuts in the U.S., making up about 80% of total peanut production.
  • Spanish peanuts - A small variety of peanut, Spanish peanuts are distinguishable by their dark red, papery skins and have a pleasingly nutty flavor, especially when roasted. They're sometimes used in candies, candy bars and other confections, as well as peanut butter.
  • Valencia peanuts - This sweet variety features three or more kernels per shell. Because of their distinct flavors, Valencia peanuts are often roasted and sold in-the-shell, or boiled to create that famous southern treat.
  • Virginia peanuts - The peanut variety with the largest kernels, Virginia peanuts are prized snacking peanuts because of their delicious flavor, grown primarily in the sandy soils of southeastern Virginia, but also North Carolina, South Carolina Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico

Why Are Virginia Peanuts the Best Peanuts?

Virginia peanuts are a valued commercial crop, but for you, the peanut aficionado, what really matters is taste.

Virginia peanuts are known as the Ballpark Peanut, because they're the variety you'll find in stadiums across the U.S. Their large size makes them the perfect candidates for roasting in the shell, and their superior crunch and texture make them a crave-worthy snack.

For savory snack lovers, there's just nothing better than cracking open that shell to reveal the salty treasures inside!

But most importantly, Virginia peanuts have a unique flavor that's distinctive to the variety and are considered gourmet peanuts.

Are Virginia Peanuts Cooked?

Here at Virginia Diner, ours are the best Virginia peanuts because we start with the absolute cream of the crop: Super Extra Large Virginia peanuts, which are the largest variety grown in the U.S.

First we soak the peanuts, and then roast them (with primarily peanut oil) in small batches at precisely controlled temperatures to bring them to the perfect "blister" point, which creates the unique Virginia Diner crunch that our customers love.

What Are Virginia Peanuts Used For?

It might surprise you to learn that Virginia peanuts are actually not used for peanut butter. This is because their top-of-the-line quality would become diminished and inconsequential during the peanut butter production process.

Instead, Virginia Peanuts are most valued for fresh eating because of their superior flavor and delightful texture.

The best peanut snacks and confections in the country, such as our chocolate-covered and seasoned peanuts, use Virginia peanuts because of their outstanding peanut flavor and other premium characteristics.

And if you want to save a few peanuts from the bottom of the can to drop into your ice-cold Coca Cola in the great tradition of the South, we support that!

Browse our selection of gourmet Virginia peanuts and discover for yourself why they're the best for snacking and gift-giving!

Salted Virginia Peanuts